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boleh dipersoalkan, dipersoalkan, dipertanyakan, diragukan,

Other Mathes:
ask after that, being questioned, is being questioned, is in question, is questionable, is questioned, pour our love so brave, questionable call, questionable repute
there was questionable
what is questionable about electricity
what is questionable about
reasonable doubt, what is questionable, what reasonable doubt
our offshore holdings were questionable
some people with very questionable
a questionable call, could be questioned
questionable if that is
about to be questioned, are about to be questioned, questionable, to be questioned
under questionable circumstances
and those of questionable repute
is questionable since he might

English to English

('kw/E/s/tS//@/n/@/b/@/l )
adjective (a)

subject to question
tertakluk kepada pertanyaan
Questionable motives.
A questionable reputation.
A fire of questionable origin.
source: wordnet30
Admitting of being questioned; inviting, or seeming to invite, inquiry.
mengakui dari dipertanyakan; mengundang, atau tampak pelawa, penyelidikan.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

able to be refuted
mampu menjadi refuted
source: wordnet30

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