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duit syiling, etnik, etvrtinke, koin sen, perempat, tempat tinggal yang, tempat,

Other Mathes:
fourth quarter, fourth, of quarters, one fourth, quarter of
cora general quarters general quarters, general quarters general quarters
battle stations, general quarters general quarters, get ready to fight
quarters exactly quarters, quarters, the quarter
i have arranged quarters, i have arranged some quarters
general quarters general quarters
are confined to quarters no, are confined to your quarters
a roll of quarters, got a roll of quarters
a roll of quarters, rolls of quarters
at close proximity, blank range, close combat, close contact, close quarter, close quarters, close range, danger close, do some close, from a blank, of close up
general quarters general quarters
on to the property, over to his place, right up his driveway, to her place, to his place, to his quarters if, to his quarters, to its place, to the cornfield, where you got it from
arranged quarters for you, arranged some quarters for you
arranged quarters for, arranged some quarters for
arranged quarters, arranged some quarters

English to English

noun (n)

housing available for people to live in
perumahan tersedia bagi orang untuk tinggal di
He found quarters for his family.
I visited his bachelor quarters.
source: wordnet30

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