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gelandang belakang, gelandang, pemain belakang yang, pemain belakang, pemain quarterback,

Other Mathes:
a quarterback, all quarterback, is the quarterback, quarterback all, quarterback oh, quarterbacks, the quarterback is, the quarterback
is to protect the quarterback, protect the quarterback, to protect the quarterback
be a quarterback, be the quarterback, in at quarterback
little quarterback, quarterback, the quarterback
are gonna be the quarterback, guys are at quarterback
i am the quarterback, i did quarterback
the what the quarterback sees, what the quarterback sees
a pick me up, just at practice, play rugby, played rugby, playing quarterback is, playing quarterback, playing rugby
all kill the quarterback, kill the quarterback
he is an nfl quarterback, he is the nfl quarterback
midfield, midfielder, quarterback on, quarterback, to loaf
it that quarterback on the, it that quarterback on
be a quarterback, quarterback
protect the quarterback form, to protect the quarterback form
protect the quarterback from, to protect the quarterback from

English to English

('kw/O/rt/@/r,b/&/k )
noun (n)

(football) the person who plays quarterback
(football) orang yang memainkan quarterback
source: wordnet30
(American football) the position of the football player in the backfield who directs the offensive play of his team
(american football) posisi bagi football pemain di daerah belakang yang directs serangan bermain di timnya
Quarterback is the most important position on the team.
source: wordnet30

verb (v)

play the quarterback
bermain quarterback
source: wordnet30

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