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auto, pilihan semasa,

Other Mathes:
cannot be empty, certificate cannot be empty, pkcs id cannot be empty, pkcs providers cannot be empty, pkcs slot cannot be empty, psk cannot be empty, psk file cannot be empty
psk cannot be, psk file cannot be
ca certificate cannot, certificate cannot, http proxy server cannot, psk file cannot
an empty document, apply to document, blank document, empty document, empty psk, latex export
import ipsec profile, import profile, import selected profiles, profile deleted, profile found, profile psk, profile removed, vtun profile
ike options, little icons, mppe options, ppp options, pptp options, psk options, ssh options, vtun options
is currently unavailable, is online via, is owner of channels, password entry tool is missing, password is empty, psk is empty, remote network is empty, remote source ip empty, the channel topic is, the key for is, username is empty
gateway is, group password is, is owner of, password entry tool is, password is, psk is, remote network is, remote source ip, username is
auth username, ca url, challenge password, group password, password entry tool, psk, remote network, remote source ip, remote source
cannot open zip file, cannot restore this preset, empty psk file, error restoring preset, file successfully rewritten
load psk from file, profile imported from file, profile marked for export, profile marked for import
load psk from, profile imported from
load psk, profile imported

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