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diusulkan, melamarku, melamarnya, mengajukan sebuah, mengazamkan, mengedepankan, mengusulkan, usulkan,

Other Mathes:
going to propose, gonna propose, was going to propose, will propose to, will propose, would have proposed, would propose
i am proposing, i propose a, i propose
am proposing to, am spoken for, going to pop the question, going to propose to, going to propose, gonna propose
gonna propose, were gonna propose, would propose
i am going to propose, i am gonna propose, i will propose to
i just shot, i move for, i submitted, i would produced, me asked you, me to propose, move i propose a, move i propose, not you doing
want ask you, want to ask you, want to enter, want to file, wanted to ask her, wanted to propose, wants to ask you, would like to admit, would like to ask you, would like to lodge, would like to propose in
would you propose to, would you propose, you propose to
ask me to marry you, me to marry him, propose to me, propose, proposed like
her hands in marriage, knocking at her door, make a proposal but, pop the question heh heh, pop the question, propose to her, propose, proposed to her mother, proposed to her, proposed yet, proposing to her
propose that these, propose that, proposed that, proposing that, suggesting that, to propose that
nominates, propose a, propose
i am urging, i propose, i proposed
enough to propose to her, for her hands in marriage, to propose to her, to propose
propose that the walls of, propose that the walls

English to English

(pr/@/'p/oU/z )
noun (n)

Talk; discourse.
bicara; khutbah.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

make a proposal, declare a plan for something
membuat proposal, menyatakan merencanakan hal
The senator proposed to abolish the sales tax.
advise, suggest
source: wordnet30
present for consideration, examination, criticism, etc.
hadiah untuk dipertimbangkan, pemeriksaan, kritik, dll.
He proposed a new plan for dealing with terrorism.
She proposed a new theory of relativity.
source: wordnet30
propose or intend
atau berniat melamar
aim, purport, purpose
source: wordnet30
put forward; nominate for appointment to an office or for an honor or position
mengedepankan; untuk mencalonkan janji ke kantor atau untuk kehormatan atau kedudukan
source: wordnet30
ask (someone) to marry you
tanya (seseorang) untuk menikah denganmu
She proposed marriage to the man she had known for only two months.
source: wordnet30
To set forth.
untuk mengetengahkan.
source: webster1913
To speak; to converse.
untuk berbicara; untuk bertutur.
source: webster1913

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