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pelekat, poster yang, tempelan,

Other Mathes:
in the poster, in the posters, on a poster, on poster, on the poster, poster
oh that poster, that poster was, that poster, that wanted poster is
a poster, poster, that poster, this sign
poster boy, the poster child
can you approve this poster, you approve this poster
that is your poster, that s your poster
blue from a poster, the blue from a poster
on a poster, on the poster
and and my humaniacs poster, and my humaniacs poster
and and my humaniacs poster, and and my humanoids poster
from a poster, from the poster, from the wanted posters
the new poster girl is, the new poster girl
some poster girl for, the poster girl for
some poster girl, the poster girl
it depends that poster talked, that depends that poster talked

English to English

('p/oU/st/@/r )
noun (n)

a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement
tanda diposting di tempat awam sebagai sebuah iklan
A poster advertised the coming attractions.
source: wordnet30
someone who pastes up bills or placards on walls or billboards
seseorang yang menampalkan atas tagihan atau placards pada dinding atau billboard
source: wordnet30
a horse kept at an inn or post house for use by mail carriers or for rent to travelers
kuda diletakkan pada usaha penginapan atau post house untuk digunakan oleh mail tanggungannya atau disewakan kepada pelancong
source: wordnet30
A large bill or placard intended to be posted in public places.
besar bill atau pelekat dimaksudkan untuk ditempatkan di tempat umum di.
source: webster1913
One who posts, or travels expeditiously; a courier.
satu yang posting, atau perjalanan expeditiously; seorang kurir.
source: webster1913

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