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bermunculan, meletupkan,

Other Mathes:
are being created, are popping out, getting sprung
and for popping the, and for popping, and popping
a popping, are popping, popplng, the popping
for popping the, for popping, just to keep, popping, to stand, to withstand
are popping up everywhere, popping up everywhere
are popping up, popping into, showing up in
are hearing with the popping, hearing with the popping
children and for popping the, children and for popping
you always felt reassured, you just keep popping up, you keep popping up
for popping the door open, popping the door open, propping the door open
popping in, popping on
come out very often, fibonacci numbers appear, have always appeared, have been rattling, i always turn up, just keep popping up, keep coming up, keep popping up, keep showing up, would always come up
thank you for popping, thanks for popping
grew and, just keep piling out, keep popping up, keep popping, kept appearing
got some cons popping off

English to English

noun (n)

a sharp explosive sound as from a gunshot or drawing a cork
yang tajam letupan kedengaran seperti dari tembakan atau lukisan gabus
source: wordnet30

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