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kecil, popet, sayang,

Other Mathes:
will find you poppet
go poppet, to go baby, to go honey
here darling, here dear, here honey, here love, here now baby, here poppet, here sweetheart, here sweetie, here we go sweetie, in here hon, out here honey
hello little, hello poppet
hello honey, hello love, hello my dear, hello my lovelies, hello pickle, hello poppet, hello precious, hello sweetheart, hello sweetie, hello there honey, well hello dear
good idea poppet
we will find you poppet, we will sweetheart we will
you are here poppet
find you okay honey, find you poppet
time to go poppet, yeah way to go baby
goodbye poppet
know you are here poppet

English to English

('p/A/p/I/t )
noun (n)

a mushroom-shaped valve that rises perpendicularly from its seat; commonly used in internal-combustion engines
sebuah mushroom shaped katup yang terbit perpendicularly dari kursi nya; sering digunakan dalam internal combustion enjin
poppet valve
source: wordnet30
See Puppet.
melihat boneka u/ u.
source: webster1913

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