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kebesaran, pemuliaan, permuliaan,

Other Mathes:
in all pomp, in full glitter, in his adornment, in his finery, in his pomp, in his splendor
his people in all pomp, his people in full glitter, his people in his adornment, his people in his finery, his people in his pomp, his people in his splendor
a lot of pomp
goodly company, grand descending, great descending, majestic descent, mounts, pomp, rank after rank
enough of the bloody pomp
pomp and toils of war
pomp and toils of
and as an adornment and, and as an ornament and, and for adornment and, and for ornament and, and for pomp and, and for splendour
and as an adornment, and as an ornament, and for adornment, and for ornament, and for pomp, and for splendour, on and as an adornment
with a lot of pomp
a goodly company, as a delegation, as the guests of honor, on mounts, with pomp
of pomp under the circumstances
bigness, glorification of the, grandeur, greatness, oversized, pomp, the greatness of, the greatness
glory, grandeur of, grandeur, its splendor, of grandeur, of pomp, shadow of majestic, splendor, splendour, the grandeur of, the splendor

English to English

(p/A/mp )
noun (n)

cheap or pretentious or vain display
murah atau angkuh atau sia paparan
source: wordnet30
ceremonial elegance and splendor
upacara keanggunan dan kemegahan
source: wordnet30
A procession distinguished by ostentation and splendor; a pageant.
satu perarakan dikaji oleh ostentation dan kemegahan; sebuah kontes.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

To make a pompons display; to conduct.
untuk membuat pompons paparan; untuk aktiviti.
source: webster1913

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