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Hasil Carian: polluted

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mencemari, tercemar,

Other Mathes:
a polluted and uninhabitable planet, polluted and uninhabitable planet
a polluted and uninhabitable, polluted and uninhabitable
and knowingly polluted frog lake, into frog lake, knowingly polluted frog lake
and knowingly polluted, knowingly polluted, polluting
when not polluted with poison, while not polluted with poison
when not polluted with, while not polluted with
when not polluted, while not polluted
being polluted with, contaminated with, polluted with, soaked with
be spoiled, been contaminated, befouled, being contaminated, being polluted, being spoiled over, besmirched, contaminated, dragged in the mud
it was too polluted, that polluted
there were cars that polluted
is polluted
water are getting polluted and
water are getting polluted
polluted waters

English to English

(p/@/'l/u/t/I/d )
adjective (a)

Defiled; made unclean or impure; debauched.
defiled; membuat tidak bersih atau kotor; debauched.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

rendered unwholesome by contaminants and pollution
diberikan oleh unwholesome bahan cemar dan polusi
Polluted lakes and streams.
source: wordnet30

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