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menjadi tanpa tujuan, pointiess, sia sia, tidak bererti, tidak bermakna, yang sia sia, yg tidak berdasar,

Other Mathes:
be pointless if we, gonna be pointless if we, nothing if, pointless, vain if
any good, be of no use, be pointless, has a purpose, is no use
be just pointless would, just pointless would
a fuckin big goddamn joke, a piece of piss, be just pointless, but gibberish, is all bullshit
pointless more pointless
it is pointless the, this is pointless, worthwhile
it is useless, this is pointless, this it is pointless
a pointless activity, pointless activity
struggling is pointless, struggling struggling is pointless
a stupid question, dumb question, inane questions, it was a dumb question, lamest question yet, pointless questions, questions like that are pointless, silly questions, stupid question, stupid questions, tactless
it is pointless to, pointless do you, there no point in you
are no more use, is of no use, is pointless, it is no use, it is pointless
is pointless me inviting you
going any good i, is pointless me
be pointless for you

English to English

('p//Oi//ntl/E/s )
adjective (a)

not having a point especially a sharp point
tidak memiliki titik titik terutama yang tajam
My pencils are all pointless.
source: wordnet30
Having no point; blunt; wanting keenness; obtuse; as, a pointless sword; a pointless remark.
tidak memiliki titik; tumpul; ingin kegemaran; lamban; sebagai, aku tak berguna/ aku pedang; aku tak berguna/ ujar aku.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being
melayani tujuan tidak berguna; tidak memiliki alasan untuk menjadi
A pointless remark.
source: wordnet30

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