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di kertas, kertas kertas, kertas, ktp, makalah, show and, surat maksudnya, surat nya, surat rasmi untuk menetap di, surat rasmi untuk menetap, surat surat, surat,

Other Mathes:
all the right papers, any of her letters, epa paperwork, get her papers, her calls or letters, her letters, her papers, him his mall, his letters, of his letters, some clean papers, some college for that, some paper, the letters right, the papers over, the papers signed, the papers, the paperwork done, those papers, well the title
be in newspaper, be in newspapers, in the paper, in the papers, is been in the papers, it was in the newspaper, it was in the paper
legal pads in, paper in, paper on, paper right, papers in, papers on, some papers on, the paper in, the papers at
been reading the papers, get the papers, read a newspaper, read four papers, read my paper, read newspapers, read that paper, read the columns, read the latest weekly, read the newspaper, read the paper, read the papers, read your paper, reading the newspaper, reading the paper, reads highlights magazine, reads the newspaper, redd the, seen the paper, to read the paper
sign some papers, sign the papers, signed the papers, to sign the papers
read that paper, read the newspaper, read the newspapers, read the paper, read the papers, read the post yourself, read the prophet, reading in the newspaper, reading the papers
and a piece of paper, and paper, and papers, and some paper, and some papers
about papers wait, about papers, cash your, in oilpaper, with paper, with the papers
in all the papers, in newspapers, in the newspaper, in the newspapers, in the papers, the papers are always talking
the transit papers, transit papers, were joint transit papers which
papers, the papers, those papers
a few test papers, graded papers, kind of letter, test papers, the test paper
of paper to, paper due, paper for, paper to, papers to, some papers for, the paper to, the papers for
the papers by tomorrow, the papers tomorrow, tomorrow newspaper, tomorrow paper, tomorrow papers
all the papers, extra extra, newspapers, paper here, paper paper paper, the countries seen it paper, the newspapers, the papers had, the papers

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noun (n)

writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature)
menulis yang memberikan informasi (terutama maklumat petugas alam)
source: wordnet30

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