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berpasangan, memainkan, pasangan, pemasangan, perjodohan,

Other Mathes:
will be pairing off, will go in pairs, will he pairing off
a pairing, in pairs, in partner, pair up, pairing up, pairs, partner up, twos, will pair up
we will be pairing off, we will go in pairs, we will he pairing off
pairing s, pairing with s cancelled
is the pairing of
are a couple, are couple, are the couple, are up to your, is a private, is the pairing, was a mate
will be pairing off
become a mated pair, will be pairing, will be perfect
i propose a pairing
different wines pairing them
different wines pairing
anything about pairing up at
anything about pairing up
behind the pairing of letters
behind the pairing of

English to English

noun (n)

the act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes
tindakan perjodohan jantan dan betina bagi tujuan pembiakan
source: wordnet30
the act of grouping things or people in pairs
tindakan pengelompokan sesuatu atau orang di pasang
source: wordnet30
The act or process of uniting or arranging in pairs or couples.
tindakan atau proses menyatukan atau penggubahan berpasangan atau pasangan.
source: webster1913

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