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bermain, dipasangkan, memasangkan, sendiri dipasangkan,

Other Mathes:
is a recall confirm over, is a recall confirm, is a warning, is not beautiful, serve as warning, was a paired warning, was a wake up call, was a warning
gonna be paired with a
accompanies, going to accompany, gonna be paired with, shall accompany her and tend, shall accompany
i am paired up with, i played with, me playing with
had not paired us together
had not paired us
had not paired
are made for each other, be paired, made for each other
paired up with a couple
a board together, is playing a game with, jam out with, paired up with, play along, play ball with, play together
paired up and died
couples and, in pairs and, pair up and, paired up and
is paired with a
is paired with, mated with, pair up with, pairing up with, to be with that, to partner with, to partner, to prom with
paired you at

English to English

adjective (a)

of leaves etc; growing in pairs on either side of a stem
of leaves dll; tumbuh di pasang di kedua sisi batang
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

used of gloves, socks, etc.
gunakan sarung tangan, kaus kaki, dll.
source: wordnet30
mated sexually
kawin seksual
source: wordnet30

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