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buatlah keuntungan, dengan kebanyakan, iain, jka, kemaren, lagi satu, lain aku akan, lain apos s, lain bahwa, lain buat, lain di, lain hanya, lain i, lain juga tidak, lain juga, lain kamu, lain lagi, lain lain, lain lainnoun, lain lebih dekat

Other Mathes:
come to each other aid, commit to aiding, do each other favors, do it for each other, gerry help each other, got each other backs, got to stick together, great assistance to each other, have each ether backs, have each other backs, help each other out so, help each other out, help each other, help man what is wrong, help to each other, helped each other, helping each other, helps each other, of help to each other, to each other aid, to help each other
all got each other, among each other, amongst each other, around each other what, each other or something, each other this, each other we got, each other we, each other yeah, each other, from one another is of, from one another is, from one another, one to the other, over each other, to each other at all, top of each other, towards each other
from killing each other, have killed each other, kiii each other, kill each other for, kill each other off, kill each other, kill one another, kill ourselves, killed each another, killed each other, killed one another, killin each other, killing each other, longer kill, murder each other, murdering each other, start ripping each other apart, to kill each other, to kill one another, turn on each other for, would kiii each other
any other option, any other options, are the other options, around and consider your options, be left with no choice, give us a choice, got something really nice, have a choice this time, have a choice, have another choice, have any other choice, have any other option left, have any other option, is there a choice, no other choice, of a better option, other viable option, there a choice, there another option, there any other choice, there any other options, there are other options, there is an alternative, there is another option, there were other options, there were some other options, we get the option, what option we got
any other than allah the, anyone other than allah the, beside allah who, besides allah any, in place of allah, instead of allah who, it other than allah, other than allah that which, other than allah the, other than allah those who, other than allah to come, other than allah to that, other than allah, other than god the, other than god which, others than allah such as, others than allah that, place of allah that which, someone other than god, themselves against allah, there other than allah who, those apart from god who
another kid, another son, any kid, next boy, normal kid, other boys, other children, other kid, other kids right, other kids, the other boys
and anybody else, and anyone else, and every other person, and everybody else, and everyone else
another girl, any other girl, every other girl
around the other side, cover the other side, down the other side, her to the other side, it to the other side, other side of the, over the other side, over to the other side, to the far side of, to the other end, to the other side and, to the other side of, to the other side
after each other, are good to each other, care of each other, each keep a, each keep, each other the, each others back, each protecting, got each other backs, have each other backs, iook after each other, keep each other safe, look after each other, look after ourselves, look out for each other, look to our own, looking after yourselves, protected each other, take care of each other, to keep each, to keep together
any of those other kids, as the other boys, kids his age, kids next, other boys, other children, other kids were, other kids, other youngsters, the other children, the other kids, these other kids right, these other kids
a bastard offshoot, another kind of, another kind, another type of, any other kind of, any other kind, of another kind, of other kinds of, other kind of
all other men, another man, any other man, every other man, man another, man other, other males, other men, some other boy, the other males, the other men are, the other men, were any other man
a different country, a whole other country so, a whole other country
a protecting friend other than, a protector other than, a supporter someone other than, as protector other than, guardian anyone other than, guardian other than, my guardian anyone other than, my protector any other than, my protector someone other than, protector any other than, protector someone other than

English to English

('/@//D//@/r )
adjective (a)

not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied
tidak sama satu atau yang sudah disebutkan atau tersirat
Today isn't any other day.
The construction of highways and other public works.
He asked for other employment.
Any other person would tell the truth.
His other books are still in storage.
Then we looked at the other house.
Hearing was good in his other ear.
The other sex.
She lived on the other side of the street from me.
Went in the other directio.
source: wordnet30

conjunction (con)

Either; -- used with other or or for its correlative (as either . . . or are now used).
juga; - - saya selain digunakan dengan/ aku atau aku atau/ aku untuk yang correlative (sebagaimana aku juga/ aku. . . atau aku/ aku sedang digunakan) .
source: webster1913

pronoun (pro)

Different from that which, or the one who, has been specified; not the same; not identical; additional; second of two.
yang berbeda dari apa yang, atau orang yang, dinyatakan; tidak sama; tidak identik; tambahan; kedua dua.
source: webster1913

adverb (r)

source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

recently past
baru saja melewati
The other evening.
source: wordnet30
belonging to the distant past
yang berkaitan dengan masa lalu
In other times.
early, former
source: wordnet30
very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected
sangat tidak biasa; berbeza dengan karakter atau kualiti dari normal atau dijangka
A strange, other dimension...where his powers seemed to fail.
source: wordnet30

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