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menyinggung perasaan, menyinggung, merasa tersinggung, naik marah, teman sarah, tersinggung,

Other Mathes:
brothers be trippin, he offended the, he offended
am insulted, being insulted, feel offended, feeling slighted, is feeling slighted
are offended because a, are offended because, insulted because, offended because a, offended because
being offended by, bothered by, hurt by, mind my, not offended by, offended by, use being offended by
do not take it personally, no hard feelings, no offense taken, no use being offended, not insulted, not offended, not really offended
are gonna offend, are upset, be offended, going to offend me, take offence
clearly i have offended you, i in your way, i insulted you, i offend you, i offended you, my scent offended thee, the way i treated you, way i treated you
am so insulted, highly offended by it, highly offended
do not take offence, not to be offended, wo not be held
a iittle offended i, a little offended i
a iittle offended, a little offended
would be offended f you, would be offended if you
would be offended f, would be offended if
i would be offended f, i would be offended if
i have offended you, i offended you, ihaveoffended you

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

hurt or upset
sakit atau marah
She looked offended.
source: wordnet30

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