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bau dari, bau, mendatar aroma,

Other Mathes:
ah putrefaction, bad smell, foul stench, niff, odors, of the odor, oozy smells, pungent odor, smell nasty, smell rotten, smelling foulness
a rank odor from, rank odor from
a rank odor, rank odor
will overpower any odor
i was smelling foot odor
fishy, groans stinking, odor of fish, putrid taste
you have body odor, you have body odour
car odor
you have body odor
body odor
any odor
my body odor
body odor, body odour
his pungent door masked the, pungent odor masked

English to English

('/oU/d/@/r )
noun (n)

any property detected by the olfactory system
setiap properti ditemukan oleh para olfactory sistem
source: wordnet30
the sensation that results when olfactory receptors in the nose are stimulated by particular chemicals in gaseous form
perasaan yang terhasil ketika olfactory reseptor di hidung yang dirangsang oleh gas kimia tertentu dalam bentuk
source: wordnet30
Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume.
ada bau, samada harum atau ofensif; bau; parfum.
source: webster1913

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