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Hasil Carian: odious

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membencikan, odiou,

Other Mathes:
governor odious shall, governor odious, of governor odious, the spanish governor odious
from the spanish governor odious, of governor odious
governor odious and joyously, governor odious and
of the evil governor odious, the evil governor odious
this odious it, this odious
this odious disguised himself as, this odious disquised himself as
this odious disguised himself, this odious disquised himself
because odious castle is, because odious castle
a hatred of governor odious, hatred of governor odious
come out odious, cove out odious
odious castle is, odious castle
verify this odious disguised himself, verify this odious disquised himself
odious and joyously, odious and
odious had already tortured, odious has already tortured
odious had already, odious has already

English to English

('/oU/d/i//@/s )
adjective (a)

Hateful; deserving or receiving hatred; as, an odious name, system, vice.
kebencian; pantas atau menerima kebencian; sebagai, sebuah i odious/ nama saya, sistem, wakil.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

unequivocally detestable
tegas kekejian
Consequences odious to those you govern.
source: wordnet30

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