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berlaku, sr terjadi, tamat berlaku, terjadi,

Other Mathes:
just happen, just happened, just happening, just occur, just occurred, occurs only, one that occurs, only avenue, only coincide, only comes, only happen
when the event befalleth, when the imminent hour befalls, when the inevitable event comes, when the inevitable occurs, when the occurrence occurs, when the terror descends, when there happeneth event
happen within, happened in all, happened is in, is happened in the, is happened in, occurs in, occurs on, sprung up in
the event the resurrection comes, the forthcoming event does occur, the imminent hour befalls, the inevitable event comes, the inevitable event takes place, the inevitable occurs, the occurrence occurs, the terror descends, there happeneth event
it occurs to, it occurs
did not it occurs, no it happened, no those happen, not it did, you did not it occurs
is going in the, that occurs in nature, which occurs in nature
occurs when, there is if
a problem was, some kind of trouble, trouble occurs
is something that occurs in
is something that happens around, is something that occurs, was something that was going
occurs in nature
you saying that it occurs

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