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kejadian, keterdapatan,

Other Mathes:
find previous occurrence of the, find previous occurrence of, find previous occurrence, finds the previous occurrence of
previous occurrence of the, previous occurrence of, previous occurrence, the previous occurrence of
find next occurrence of the, find next occurrence of, find next occurrence
next occurrence of the, next occurrence of, next occurrence
even exists, existence, is this notion of, occurrence of the, occurrence of, occurrence, occurrences of the
a freak occurrence, a weird scene, bizarre events, bizarre incident, freak occurrence, of strange happenings, other glitches, paranormal, strange events, strange occurrences, weird blip, what kind of strangeness
ne xt occurrence, next occurrence of
denies its descending, deny its coming, deny its occurrence, to deny its occurrence
picture the occurrence in, the picture the occurrence in
picture the occurrence, the picture the occurrence
any occurrence of, any occurrence, anything unusually
ground supernatural, preternatural, some supernatural occurrence, something supernatural, supernatural occurrence
a strange occurrence demands
is a rare event, is a rare occurrence
a chance occurrence of light

English to English

(/@/'k/[@]/r/@/ns )
noun (n)

an event that happens
kejadian itu berlaku
source: wordnet30
an instance of something occurring
contoh dari sesuatu terjadi
A disease of frequent occurrence.
The occurrence (or presence) of life on other planets.
source: wordnet30
A coming or happening; as, the occurence of a railway collision.
sebuah datang atau terjadi; sebagai, i occurence/ aku dari kereta api tabrakan.
source: webster1913

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