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cogok, terjadi,

Other Mathes:
not want to go to, supposed to happen in, will happen down, will happen in, will happen the, will occur at, will occur in, would happen in
if we wish, occur when we will, to occur when we will
can happen, can occur, could be happening
can happen it, can happen, can just burst, can take place, could occur, may be volunteer, may happen, may occur, will happen at
allowed to occur, be repeated, damn it squirrel, down there repeat, he retakes it, is allowed to occur, need to repeat it, repeat nine, repeat, repeated but, repeated, retest
it only happens, just goes, just happen, just happened, just happening, just occur, just occurred, occurs only, one that occurs, only avenue, only coincide
a fire occur due to, a fire occur due
accident awaits me, accident occurred just, accidents happen people die, accidents happen, accidents occur, people have accidents, the accident happened, the accident occurred, the accident to occur
be happening, been possible, may be happening, may happen, may occur, might happen, might have happened, might occur, possibly work
even realize, even think, ever occur to, ever occur, ever think about
ever cross, ever crossed, ever occur, it crossed my mind, it crossed
ever occur to you, has it occurred to you, never occur to you that, never occurred to you, you ever think of that
did it not occur to, did it not occur
happened because, happening because of, happening for, happens because, happens for, occur due to, occur due, occurs after, while since, works because of, works because
does not happen you, not occur to you to, not occur to you

English to English

(/@/'k/[@]/r )
verb (v)

come to pass
segera tiba
Nothing occurred that seemed important.
source: wordnet30
come to one's mind; suggest itself
datanglah ke satu pikiran; sarankan itu sendiri
It occurred to me that we should hire another secretary.
source: wordnet30
to be found to exist
ditemukan wujud
Sexism occurs in many workplaces.
Precious stones occur in a large area in Brazil.
source: wordnet30
To meet; to clash.
untuk bertemu; tarung.
source: webster1913

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