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Hasil Carian: occasionally

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kadang kadang, kadangkala, sekali sekala, sesekali, terkadang,

Other Mathes:
occasionally a moron, was occasionally a moron
occasionally a, was occasionally a
occasionally, somedays, was occasionally
he is occasionally, he is sometimes, he she sometimes, he sometimes, he was occasionally, him sometime, him sometimes, she soimetimes, she sometimes
know sometimes i see a, occasionally there are, occasionally there
will occasionally, would occasionally, would sometimes
i sometimes feel, occasionally i feel like, occasionally i feel
at times i, i occasionally, it is just sometimes i
and occasionally there are, and occasionally there
have occasionally suggested that m, occasionally suggested that m
have occasionally suggested that, occasionally suggested that
have occasionally suggested, occasionally suggested
but occasionally, but sometimes a, but sometimes in, but sometimes it, but sometimes on, but sometimes, but they occasionally
including occasionally taking out, including occasionally taking
occasionally i might buy

English to English

(/@/'k/eI//Z//@/n/-/l/i/ )
adverb (r)

now and then or here and there
sekarang dan kemudian atau disini dan disana
He was arrogant and occasionally callous.
Open areas are only occasionally interrupted by clumps of trees.
source: wordnet30
In an occasional manner; on occasion; at times, as convenience requires or opportunity offers; not regularly.
dalam cara sesekali; pada kesempatan; pada waktu itu, sebagai kemudahan memerlukan atau menawarkan kesempatan; tidak teratur.
source: webster1913

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