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asli dah, benar saja sudah jelas bahwa, benar saja sudah jelas, dengan nyata, itu memang jelas, jeias, jelas bahawa, jelas benar benar, jelas dia tidak benar benar, jelas itu, jelas jelas, jelas saja, jelas sedang, jelas sekali saat, jelas sekali, jelas, jelasnya, kliatan jelas, nyata sekali, obviousiy

Other Mathes:
guy obviously, he clearly, he evidently, he is clear, he is clearly, he is obviously, he obviously, he was clearly, he was obviously, her clear, her obviously, she certainly, she completes, she is clear, she is clearly, she is obviously, she obviously, she was definitely, she was obviously, surely she is, the guy obviously
clearly it is, clearly it was, clearly out of, clearly that is, definitely it, it is obviously a, it sure as shit, it sure is shit, it was definitely, my my that sure, obvious it
it definitely, it is certainly, it is cleary, it is evident, it was definitely, now look this was obviously, there obviously, these are obviously, these obvious, this clear, this clearly
clearly she, course he is, definitely does, definitely he, definitely him, he was obviously, is obvious he, it is clear she, it was clear to him, it was obvious she, it was obvious the
i clear, it definitely is, it is clearly, it is obviously, it that obvious, it was clear, it was obvious
are definitely not, are obviously not, bloody well not
clear as you, clearly he is, clearly she, he is clearly, he obviously, i mean obviously she, it is apparent that he, it is obvious he is, obviously he
a definite no, apparently did not, are clearly not, are obviously not, certainly did not, certainly does, certainly in no
evidently i, it is obvious i, light i, made myself clear i, obvious i am, obviously i am, obviously i, obviously me, the clear i am, to light i, very well increased my
apparent many, definitely a iot of, obviously a lot of, obviously many, obviously these
clearly this is, clearly this, definitely this was, definitely was, light this is, now this is obviously, obvious to everyone this is, obviously this is, obviously this was, obviously this, so overt it is
completes you, it is obvious you, it was obvious you, know about you you, obvious you are, obviously you were, obviously you, roger you, then you obviously, well obviously you, well then clearly you
clearly got, clearly has, have obviously got, obviously got, obviously has
being completely, clearly it is, clearly, i mean obviously, obviously it, obviously, well clearly
apparently not, are clearly not gonna, are obviously not going, certainly not going to, certainly not gonna

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adverb (r)

unmistakably (`plain' is often used informally for `plainly')
diragukan lagi (` plain' sering digunakan untuk tidak formal` plainly')
The answer is obviously wrong.
source: wordnet30

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