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hal remeh, jeias, jelas kalau, jelas tergambar, jelas terlihat, jelas, kentara sekali, kentara, ketara, menyolok, perihatin, tampak sekali, terangan, terpeleset dari tangga, yang jelas jelas, yang jelas sekali,

Other Mathes:
be obvious, it that obvious, it too obvious, make it too obvious, that is too obvious, too clearly, too evident, too obvious pay close attention, too obvious, too on the nose, too overwhelming, was too obvious
all obvious about it, all so clear, an obvious, are so clear, be so obvious, is so clearly, it so obvious, perfect clarity, quite make it out, quite so vividly, so clear cut to, so clear cut, so clear, so cleared, so obvious okay, so obvious, so straightforward, so transparency they, terribly bright, was so intense, were so mild
clear what that, clear what the hell are, clear what, clearly what do, clearly what, is obvious what is, it is completely obvious what, it is obvious what is, obvious what is, obvious what, pretty clear what
apparent to, clear to those of, clear to those, clear to, evident to, is obvious to, it is pretty obvious to, it was obvious to, obvious to everyone but, obvious to, plain enough to
course he is, definitely does, definitely he, definitely him, he was obviously, is obvious he, it is clear she, it was clear to him, it was obvious she, it was obvious the, obvious she is
clear them, clearer they, clearly they, evident they, it was obvious they, obvious they are, obvious they were, obvious they, obviously they are
clear enough for you, have obviously, is clear, is obvious, it is clear, it is obvious, it obvious
be perfectly clear, completely clear, exactly clear, is completely obvious, is really obvious, it is perfectly clear, it was really clear
ai not it obvious, is not it obvious, is not the obvious, well is not it obvious
i clear, it definitely is, it is clearly, it is obviously, it that obvious, it was clear, it was obvious, it was obviously, that clear
it is all over you, it is pretty obvious, it is wicked obvious
because it is evident, it is so obvious, it was it was clear
any clearer, be clear, be obscure, be obvious, be perfectly fucking clear, be really clear, be unveiled
be obvious, be so obvious, so obvious, too obvious
that is obvious, there are obvious, there nothing obvious

English to English

('/A/bv/i//@/s )
adjective (a)

easily perceived by the senses or grasped by the mind
mudah dirasakan oleh indra atau menggenggam oleh pikiran
Obvious errors.
source: wordnet30
Opposing; fronting.
lawan; fronting.
source: webster1913

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