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diperoleh, juga memiliki sesuatu yang, memperoleh, telah diperolehi, yang diperolehi, yg diperoleh,

Other Mathes:
boy struck, had obtained, he earned
illegally obtained, obtained illegally
he gained knowledge of the, he gained knowledge of, he known, he look into, he looked to, he obtained knowledge of the, he obtained knowledge of, he penetrated to, he seen
gained knowledge of the, gained knowledge of, obtained knowledge of the, obtained knowledge of, penetrated to
an acquired on, an acquired, derived, he had found, is earned, obtained, reclaim has, that got it, that was obtained
have a copy of, obtained a copy of, there was a copy
have obtained exclusive video taken
did he look into, has he gained knowledge of, has he known, has he looked to, has he obtained knowledge of, has he penetrated to, has he seen, what has he observed
has he gained knowledge, has he known, has he looked, has he obtained knowledge, has he penetrated, has he seen, has he the knowledge
has he gained, has he looked, has he obtained, has he the, hath he looked
obtained, will be available, will come up, within the reach
to be gained, will be obtained
may still be attained, may still be obtained
i am given, i have been given, i obtained, i was gi, i was given
i am provided with something, i obtained something

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