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Hasil Carian: obstruction

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gendala, hambatan, penyumbatan,

Other Mathes:
an obstruction, obstruction of, obstruction, with obstruction
obstruction ahead obstruction ahead, obstruction ahead
an obstruction of justice, obstruction of justice, obstruction ofjustice
evidence and obstruction, with evidence and obstruction
obstruction ahead obstruction
obstructing justice, obstruction of justice, obstruction
is setting clear of obstruction, setting clear of obstruction
obstruction of, suspicion of obstruction
a hitch, any complications, have a barrier, obstruction
is an obstruction to
is an obstruction for
is an obstruction
will be brought to justice, will be trial, will be tried, will go on trial, will stand trial, would be obstruction ofjustice
will be an obstruction to
will be an obstruction

English to English

(/@/b'str/@/k/S//@/n )
noun (n)

any structure that makes progress difficult
ada struktur itu sulit membuat kemajuan
source: wordnet30
the physical condition of blocking or filling a passage with an obstruction
kondisi fisik menahan atau mengisi bagian dengan obstruksi
source: wordnet30
something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted
sesuatu yang tidak penting yang berdiri di jalan dan harus circumvented atau surmounted
The filibuster was a major obstruction to the success of their plan.
source: wordnet30
the act of obstructing
tindakan menghalangi
Obstruction of justice.
source: wordnet30
getting in someone's way
seseorang mendapatkan di jalan
source: wordnet30
The act of obstructing, or state of being obstructed.
tindakan menghalangi, atau keadaan menjadi terhalang.
source: webster1913

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