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api, dihalangi, menghambat, tergendak, terhalang, terhambat,

Other Mathes:
is obstructed you would be, obstructed you would be
is obstructed you, obstructed you
averted her, blocked in, blocked, disrupted, fucking blocked, is obstructed, none bar, obstructed, one avert, prevented her, was averted
watch obstructed the artery, your watch obstructed the artery
watch obstructed, your watch obstructed
fire hot, flre hot, hot fire, obstructed view signals fading, smoke and thermals
i did you obstructed the
from your watch obstructed
obstructed you would be dead
bad guy is still obstructed
if your breathing is obstructed
you obstructed the
people for having obstructed
for having obstructed you

English to English

adjective (a)

shut off to passage or view or hindered from action
matikan untuk perjalanan atau pandangan atau memberatkan dari aksi
A partially obstructed passageway.
An obstructed view.
Justice obstructed is not justice.
source: wordnet30

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