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dibenarkan, mengamati, mengobservasi, menyelediki, penyelidikan,

Other Mathes:
be observing, been eyeing, been keeping tabs on kale, have been observing, let consider, observe, scrupulous, tabs on, then watch
observing notes for object, observing notes for
and observing the nest, to and observing the nest
and observe, and observed, and observing, and peruse, and scout
remember you re observing a, remember you re observing
you re observing a, you re observing
is observing athlete pak mu, observing athlete pak mu
is observing athlete pak, observing athlete pak
is observing athlete, observing athlete
been observing you for, have been watching you, mwatching you, observing you, watched you, watching you thirty two, watching you
commandeered, is clocking, is iooking at, is keeping an eye on, on overwatch, re observing a, re observing, were keeping surveillance on, were watching over, were watching
add to observing list, add to observing wishlist
does any one see you, does anyone see you then, doth anybody see you then, is anybody observing you then, is anyone watching then
does any one see you, does anyone see you, doth anybody see you, has any one noticed the, is anybody observing you, is anyone watching
does any one see, does anybody look, does anyone see, doth anybody see, has any one noticed, is anybody observing, is anyone looking at

English to English

adjective (a)

Giving particular attention; habitually attentive to what passes; as, an observing person; an observing mind.
memberikan perhatian khusus; habitually memperhatikan apa yang diterima; sebagai, sebuah i mengamati/ aku orang; sebuah i mengamati/ aku keberatan.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception
cepat untuk pemberitahuan; menunjukkan cepat dan persepsi yang tajam
source: wordnet30

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