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diamati, mengamati, menyelidiki hal,

Other Mathes:
closely observed, observable, observed, reconned, the observed, their observed, tim russert tracking it by
man we observed an, we have observed, we observed an, we observed
may observe how, may observe, might observe, might see how, observe the fuckin stif meister, observed how was the, observed how was, observed how, observed what, seen how was the, seen how was
being observed, is observed, their observed, who observed
observed after it is, observed after it, observed after
had they observed, had they performed, if they had observed, if they had
observed him from afar and, observed him from far and
observed him from afar, observed him from far, watched him from a distance
it is observed after it, it is observed after
not consider every, not observed all, not observed
be observed, due observance, right observance, rightly observed
they had observed, they meant, they observed, they performed
they not consider every, they not observed all, they not observed
the earth and observed how, the earth and see what, the earth and seen how, the land and beheld how, the land and observed what, the land and seen how, the land and seen the, the land and seen what
the earth and observed, the earth and seen, the land and beheld, the land and observed, the land and seen

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adjective satellite (s)

discovered or determined by scientific observation
ditemukan atau ditentukan oleh ilmiah observasi
No explanation for the observed phenomena.
source: wordnet30

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