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menyadari, pelupa, tak peka, tidak ingat akan,

Other Mathes:
totally oblivious of this, totally oblivious ofthis
big mac completely oblivious to, big mac completely oblivious
and are oblivious to them, and heeded them not, and not heeding them, and were heedless about them, and were heedless of them, and were heedless to them, and were ignoring them, and were neglectful of them, and were oblivious to them
and oblivious to the, and oblivious to
also forgot, forsook, has forgotten, is oblivious of, is oblivious
a rocky ledge oblivious to, a rocky ledge oblivious
mac completely oblivious to, mac completely oblivious
forgot that by, oblivious of, oblivious
oblivious to your effect on, oblivious to your fact on
aware of this case, aware of this she is, aware of this, beware that come on, noticed this, oblivious of this, oblivious ofthis, realise this, realised this, realize this thing is, realize this was
are oblivious to them, are used to disregard them, have been heedless of them, heeded them not, no heed to them, not heeding them, paid no heed to them, they were ever negligent thereof, they were heedless of them, were heedless about them, were heedless of them, were heedless to them, were ignoring them, were neglectful of them, were oblivious to them
they are completely oblivious to, they are completely oblivious
be fully realised, completely oblivious to, completely oblivious
oblivious to the, oblivious to
are completely oblivious to, are completely oblivious, did not even realize, did not realize, did not recognise, do not notice all, doped, have not realized that, it do not you realize, no notice, not consciouss, should have thought about how

English to English

(/@/'bl/I/v/i//@/s )
adjective (a)

Promoting oblivion; causing forgetfulness.
mempromosikan oblivion; menyebabkan kelupaan.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

(followed by `to' or `of') lacking conscious awareness of
(diikuti oleh` to' atau` of') kurang kesedaran dari sadar
Oblivious of the mounting pressures for political reform.
Oblivious to the risks she ran.
source: wordnet30
failing to keep in mind
gagal untuk diingat
Oblivious old age.
source: wordnet30

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