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objektif, obyektif, tujuan,

Other Mathes:
a common purpose, always the end plan, and the higher purposes, central goal, common passion, first objective, its ultimate purpose, main objective, my first priority, our first goal, primary focus
his aim was, his goal was, his objective is, his purpose is, it is purpose was
are objective, its goal, objective of, objective, objectively, objectives, objectivity
an objective, be objective, objective, objectlvely
our cause, our destination, our goal, our goals, our intent to, our objective is to, our objective is, our objective, our purpose, our purposes, purpose we
his aim was to, his objective is to, his purpose is to
what he is up to, what his issues are, what his issues, what is its purpose, what is the fucking point, what is the objective, what is the point exactly, what is the point huh, what is the point of, what is the subject, what is their purpose
and discrete judgement objective and, and discrete judgment objective and
and discrete judgement objective, and discrete judgment objective
discrete judgement objective and rational, discrete judgment objective and rational
discrete judgement objective and, discrete judgment objective and
discrete judgement objective, discrete judgment objective
a hallucination or objective, is a hallucination or objective
we must remain an objective, you must remain an objective
as objective, be objective

English to English

(/@/b'/dZ//E/kt/I/v )
adjective (a)

undistorted by emotion or personal bias; based on observable phenomena
undistorted oleh emosi atau pribadi bias; berdasarkan diamati fenomena
An objective appraisal.
Objective evidence.
source: wordnet30
serving as or indicating the object of a verb or of certain prepositions and used for certain other purposes
melayani sebagai atau menunjukkan object of a verb atau tertentu prepositions tertentu dan digunakan untuk tujuan lain
Objective case.
source: wordnet30
Of or pertaining to an object.
tentang atau mengarah ke objek.
source: webster1913

noun (n)

the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable)
matlamat dimaksudkan untuk menjadi dicapai (dan yang diyakini dapat dicapai)
aim, object, target
source: wordnet30
the lens or system of lenses in a telescope or microscope that is nearest the object being viewed
lensa atau sistem lensa di sebuah teleskop atau mikroskop itu terdekat objek yang dilihat
source: wordnet30
The objective case.
objektif kasus.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

emphasizing or expressing things as perceived without distortion of personal feelings, insertion of fictional matter, or interpretation
penandasan atau mengungkapkan hal sebagai dirasakan tanpa gangguan dari perasaan pribadi, penyisipan fiksi terjadi, atau tafsiran
Objective art.
source: wordnet30
belonging to immediate experience of actual things or events
milik segera pengalaman sebenar sesuatu atau peristiwa
Objective benefits.
An objective example.
There is no objective evidence of anything of the kind.
source: wordnet30

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