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objek, yang tidak disukai, yang tidak menyenangkan,

Other Mathes:
in certain objectionable activities during
in certain objectionable activities
in certain objectionable
certain objectionable activities during
certain objectionable activities
a definite object, certain objectionable, certain objects most
was involved in certain objectionable
of objectionable materials
is not to like, objectionable, that did not suit
an unpleasant, but not the enjoyable kind, disagreeable, in a miserable, its not joyful, objectionable, that are unpleasant, that displeases, that is not fun, that was not fun, unpleasant

English to English

(/@/b'/dZ//E/k/S//@/n/@/b/@/l )
adjective (a)

Liable to objection; likely to be objected to or disapproved of; offensive; as, objectionable words.
berkewajiban keberatan; mungkin keberatan ditolak atau dari; ofensif; sebagai, aku yang tidak disukai/ aku kata.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

causing disapproval or protest
menyebabkan ketidaksetujuan atau protes
A vulgar and objectionable person.
source: wordnet30
liable to objection or debate; used of something one might take exception to
berkewajiban bantahan atau debat; menggunakan sesuatu yang mungkin mengambil pengecualian dalam
Found the politician's views objectionable.
source: wordnet30

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