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dipatuhi, harus patuh, hrs patuh, lukisan obey, mau mematuhi, mematuhi nya, mematuhi, mematuhinya, menaati, mendengarkan perintah, mentaati, patuh pada, patuh, patuhi itu, patuhi, taat kepada, taat,

Other Mathes:
obey and they, obey it is they, we obey and it, we obey and these it, we obey and these they, we obey and those, we obey it is they, we obey these, we obey those they
obey and it, obey and these it, obey and these they, obey and they, obey and those, obey it is they, obey these, obey those they
and obey and, and obey it is, and obey it, and we obey and, and we obey it is, and we obey it, and we obey those
regular charity and obey, the charity and obey the, the poor due and obey, the poor rate and obey, the religious tax and obey, zakah and obey, zakat and obey
and obey and they, and obey it is they, and we obey and it, and we obey and those, and we obey these, and we obey those they
have heard and obeyed, hear and obey and, hear and obey it is
had to lay, has to obey, have got to obey
obey it is, obey it, we obey and, we obey it is, we obey it, we obey those
ye listen to a faction, ye obey a party, ye to obey any party
listen to a faction among, obey a group of, obey a party of
listen to a faction, obey a group, obey a party
have heard and obeyed, have heard and we obey, have listened and obeyed
him and obey me, him and obey you me, him pay heed to me, of him and obey me, to him and obey me, unto him and obey me
him and obey you, him and obey, him pay heed, of him and obey, to him and obey, unto him and obey
abide by those rules, endured it up to, execute it, heed you, muslims even, obey her, obey him, obey his commands, obey it, obeyed him, obeying him

English to English

('/oU/b/i/ )
verb (v)

be obedient to
akan patuh pada
source: wordnet30
To give ear to; to execute the commands of; to yield submission to; to comply with the orders of.
berikan telinga untuk; untuk melaksanakan perintah; menyerah tunduk pada; untuk mematuhi perintah.
source: webster1913
To give obedience.
untuk memberi khidmat.
source: webster1913

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