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berjalan lancar, bodoh, orang bebal, orang bodoh, penipu, si bodoh, tolol, yang si bodoh,

Other Mathes:
dumb fuck, pretty pathetic, silly sap, that flabby oaf, that oaf, the eggheads, the little fuckhead
lord oaf of, the lord oaf of
lord oaf, the lord oaf
was an oaf as well
are a donkey, are the mule, is a donkey, is an ass, is asses, was an oaf
his father was an oaf
come on everybody, come on everyone, come on people, come on then everybody, come on y all, come on you oaf, gang let go, okay guys all, okay guys let get, please come everyone, yum yum come on people
that dumbledore got this oaf
escort that oaf in here
escort that oaf in
escort that oaf
you dare escort that oaf
filthy oaf
idiots you, of your dumb, stupid you are, stupid you, you are the shit, you clumsy oaf, your dumb
clumsy oaf stupid dumb useless

English to English

(/oU/f )
noun (n)

an awkward stupid person
orang bodoh yg aneh
source: wordnet30
Originally, an elf's child; a changeling left by fairies or goblins; hence, a deformed or foolish child; a simpleton; an idiot.
awalnya, anak seorang elf; menyamar ditinggalkan oleh peri atau goblin; maka, seorang cacat atau anak bodoh; orang bodoh; idiot.
source: webster1913

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