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sedikit sahaja, yang boleh dibiarkan,

Other Mathes:
would be negligible and, would be negligible
be negligible and, be negligible
the cost would be negligible
count for something, count towards, counts in the end, counts, force to be reckoned with, negligible and, reckon with, reckoned with, reckoned, revolutionize, taken into account
negligible skin pigment eye pigment
a miserable few, a short time only, but little in, just a breath, little in, negligible, of here squawks mockingly, only minor, paltry
do not mean a, do not mean squat, does not make sense why, does not mean a, does not mean anything, individually is a negligible amount, none of it means a, none of it means, not that big of a, not that big of, not to say a

English to English

('n/E/gl/I//dZ//@/b/@/l )
adjective (a)

That may neglected, disregarded, or left out of consideration.
yang mungkin diabaikan, mengabaikan, atau kiri keluar dari pertimbangan.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

so small as to be meaningless; insignificant
sangat kecil sebagai sia sia; tak penting
The effect was negligible.
source: wordnet30
not worth considering
tidak layak memikirkan
paltry, trifling
source: wordnet30

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