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berkehendakkan, butuh, diperlukan dalam, ebutuhan, harus ditunjukkan, juga membutuhkan, kebutuhan banyak, kebutuhan yang, kebutuhan, kena ditunjukkan, keperluan, membutuhan, membutuhkan, membutuhkannya bisa, memerlukan, nak ambik, pada kebutuhan, perlu kebutuhan, perlu perlu, perlu

Other Mathes:
but she just needs, he has only to, he just need a, he just needs a, he just needs to, he just needs, he only has to, he will just have, i think he just needs, only she needs, she just needs more, she just needs to, she just needs, she only needs to, she probably just needs
all he needs, all he really needs, all she is asking for, did he need, does he need, does she need, is he needs, she just needs, she needs for, she will ever need, that he needs, the spirit needs, what does he need, what he needed, what he needs, what he really needs, what he really wanted, what she needed, what she needs
all somebody needs is, anyone needs, d take a man, greeks are being, one must be, really somebody should, somebody going to have to, somebody has got to, somebody has to be, somebody has to take, somebody need to, somebody needs is, somebody needs to, somebody needs, someone be, someone needs to, someone will need, take a man, well someone had to, what happened someone needs to, would take a man
he need, he needs, he really needs
he need you, he needed you sophie, he needs you on this, he needs you, he will need your
alan it needs to, first we have got, garbage needs to, has this to, is this to, it is going to need, it is needless, it needed to, shit this is gonna take, these need, this calls for, this is a need to, this is gonna have, this necessary, this need to, this needs a, this needs to be, this needs to, this needs, this really necessary, this totally necessary, this was necessary, this will need to, this you must
comes to need, ha needs, have any needs
all just need, all one needs, all people must
need to take a break, need your rest, needed a break, needed a little rest, needing rest, needs a break right, needs a break, needs a timeout, needs rest, needs to rest, really need this rest
need here, need now child, need now, need right now a, need right now, needs now is to, needs now is, needs now, needs right now, really needs right now
dave needs a little help, he ever needed anything, he got his, he need help, he needed help, he needed support, he needs help, he needs serious, he wanted help, said he needed help, she needed help, she needs help, the guy needs help
he needs now is to, he needs now is, he really needs right now, she needs now, she needs right now
he is gonna need it, he need it, he needs him, he needs it, he needs that badly
he ever needed, he is gotta have, he needed my, he needed, he needs, he she needs, he would have needed, is he need, she needs her
it needs you, needs for you, needs you, needs your, your need for, your needs

English to English

(n/i/dz )
adverb (r)

in such a manner as could not be otherwise
cara sedemikian sebagai tidak bisa menjadi sebaliknya
We must needs by objective.
source: wordnet30
Of necessity; necessarily; indispensably; -- often with must, and equivalent to of need.
dari keharusan; semestinya; indispensably; - - aku harus sering dengan/ aku, dan aku perlu setara dengan/ aku.
source: webster1913

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