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benar butuh, btuh, butuh, butuhkan yaitu, dibutuhkan, diperlukan, memang perlukan, membutahkan, membutuhkan, memerlukannya pun, memperlukan, nak hisap, perlu pertolongan, perlu,

Other Mathes:
are irrelevant, are not necessary, are not needed, can be spared, does not need it
dave needs a little help, he ever needed anything, he got his
he ever needed, he is gotta have, he needed my, he needed, he needs, he she needs, he would have needed, is he need, she needs her, she needs, she requires, that he will need, the boy needs, yeah well he needed
be needed in, help morale around, ii take some, needed at, needed in, needed on, needed up, presence is requested in
a as needed basis, as needed basis, if it is necessary, if it needs to, if it needs, if it takes, if it were needed, if necessary, if need be, if needed, if so needed, if that is necessary, if you have too, should you desire, when it is necessary, when necessary woltz
are indispensable, indispensable, is absolutely essential, is indispensable to, is indispensable, is sorely needed, is vitally needed, much needed foreplay, much needed, very appropriate, were urgently needed
i need it for me, i need it, i need seven, i need the shot, i need them, i needed her, i needed him, i needed it, i needed them, i welched, my need for him
just needed a place, need a place, need some place, need somewhere, need to find a place, needed a place to, needed a place, needed space, needs a place to, needs a place, needs a slot, them a place
could use a little money, decide to cash it, i needed the money, it is gonna cost, looking for money
does he need me, he needed me, he needs me
is required and, it takes and, necessary and, needed and, needed or, requisite and, was needed and
are needed for, are required to, is necessary to, is needed for, is required in, is required to, it must be to, it take to, it takes to, it took to, it will take to, necessary for, necessary to, needed for, needed to, required for, required to, takes to
am sorely needed, be a necessity, exactly what is needed, is urgently needed, it sorely needs, much needed, need so much, so needy, sorely needs, they are essential, will be a necessity
are the ones who need, nwho needed to, nwho needed
be needed, that is gonna be, will be needed, will be required, will it take, would be needed

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adjective satellite (s)

necessary for relief or supply
diperlukan untuk bantuan bekalan atau
source: wordnet30

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