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cocok dilakukan, diperlukan, keadaan terpaksa, kebutuhan, keharusan, keperluan,

Other Mathes:
and a necessity, and given breath by necessity, and necessity, and need the, and needs, and the need, with the necessary
a necessity for, a need for, a need to, ends meet for, ends meet to, his need for, issue to, necessity for, necessity to, needs for, needs to, no no you should, of his need to, the desire to, the need for
a necessity to, a need for a, necessity for, necessity to, of the need to, the need for, the need to
is a necessity, was a necessity
is a prostitute, necessity was a whore, of necessity was a whore
come out of a necessity, from having to, from having, out of a necessity
because it needs, by necessity, cause i need them
necessity to maintain balance in, necessity to maintain balance
am sorely needed, be a necessity, exactly what is needed
a necessity for, a necessity to
is a necessity for survival
is a necessity for, is the need to
is a necessity that
is a necessity, is the need

English to English

(n/I/'s/E/s/I/t/i/ )
noun (n)

the condition of being essential or indispensable
kondisi menjadi penting atau sangat diperlukan
source: wordnet30
anything indispensable
apapun sangat diperlukan
source: wordnet30
The quality or state of being necessary, unavoidable, or absolutely requisite; inevitableness; indispensableness.
kualiti atau keadaan yang diperlukan, tak dapat dielakkan, atau tentu keperluan; inevitableness; indispensableness.
source: webster1913

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