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berdekatan sini, berhampirannya, dekat sini, dekat, di dekat sini, di dekatmu, di dekatnya, di luar kawasan, didekat sini, terdekat,

Other Mathes:
fam close, fire here, here is a bit, here mm hm, is near here, is somewhere nearby, near here, nearby here, nearby, parked right here, ralph here
is somewhere nearby, it is somewhere nearby, somewhere close, that it is somewhere nearby
anywhere near him, exist nearby, is nearby
will be nearby a, will be nearby
i knew someone, i know a guy, i know a man, i know any guys, i know somebody, i know someone nearby, i know someone, i was i know someone, uh i know someone nearby
am near you, be around you, be nearby a, be nearby, being near you
anywhere near her, are nearby, around him
near here, nearby i know, nearby i
chinese are nearby get, the chinese are nearby get
from a nearby factory is, from a nearby factory
is somewhere nearby distributing juice, somewhere nearby distributing juice
is somewhere nearby distributing, somewhere nearby distributing
a nearby mountain cave, nearby mountain cave
a nearby mountain, nearby mountain
a nearby, close could, close proximity, his closest, nearby, nearness, ten foot pole

English to English

('n/i/r'b/aI/ )
adverb (r)

not far away in relative terms
tidak jauh dalam istilah relatif
She works nearby.
The planets orbiting nearby are Venus and Mars.
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

close at hand
The nearby towns.
Concentrated his study on the nearby planet Venus.
source: wordnet30

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