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berada dekat dengan kiub, berhampiran dengan, berhampiran, bollocks, daerah dekat, dekap, dekat dekat dengan, dekat, dekati, dengari, di dekat, di near, didekat, didekatnya, hampir dekat, hampir dengan, ke dekat, kedekatan, mendekati mobil, rumahnya dekat dengan

Other Mathes:
approached me, approaches me, approaching me, came near me, chatting me up, closer to me, collect to me
closeness to him, closer to her, closest man to him, get close to it, get him close, get near him, he is near, near go, near her, near im, of a closeness to him
is always near, is close, is ever at, is ever near, it close, it is attached, it is close, it s near, it was close, it was closed, it was nearby, that is as close, that is close to, that is near, that near that, that near, that shit by, that was a close, that was close, those near, well is next
do not come near me, do not come near, do not even come, do not get near, do not go near, do not stand that, guard no further, i can smell your, is to be nowhere near, no hooking up, not to go near, off the robot, sean get back, stay away stay, to be nowhere near, way out of line, why do not you back
approached him, close him, get at him, get close to her, get close to him, get near him, get to her, get to him, go near her, go near him, go near it
iiving near, live by paradise, live near, live right near, lived near, lives near, living near, sleep close to, stay near
a calamity near, a chastisement near, a penalty near, a punishment near, penalty near, punishment near
am close to, am next to, are in close, are somewhere near, be anywhere near, be close to, be near
anywhere near, down by, down near, it near, near, right near, up near
behold it nigh, see it as near, see it impending
ai not close, ai not near, are not closer
crash with, have to iive near, iive nearby
am i close, i am close by, i am close, i am near, i am tight, i am very close, i get near
a calamity near at, a penalty near the, a punishment near at, penalty near the, punishment near at
allowed near, can approach, can even get close to, can get close to, can get closer to, can get near, can go near, get near, getting anywhere near, to get closer to

English to English

(n/i/r )
adjective (a)

not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances
tidak jauh jauh di ruang waktu atau atau darjah atau keadaan
Near neighbors.
In the near future.
They are near equals.
His nearest approach to success.
A very near thing.
A near hit by the bomb.
She was near tears.
close, nigh
source: wordnet30
Not far distant in time, place, or degree; not remote; close at hand; adjacent; neighboring; nigh.
tidak jauh jauh dalam waktu, tempat, atau derajat; tidak jauh; dekat; berdekatan; neighboring; dekat.
source: webster1913

preposition (pre)

Adjacent to; close by; not far from; nigh; as, the ship sailed near the land. See the Note under near, a.
berdekatan dengan; dekat; tidak jauh dari; dekat; sebagai, kapal berlayar aku dekat/ aku tanah. lihat nota di bawah u dekat/ u, aku yang positif. / aku/ pos
source: webster1913

adverb (r)

near in time or place or relationship
di dekat tempat atau waktu atau hubungan
As the wedding day drew near.
Stood near the door.
Don't shoot until they come near.
Getting near to the true explanation.
Her mother is always near.
source: wordnet30
(of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but
(dari tindakan atau syarikat) sedikit kekurangan atau tidak cukup selesai; tapi
He nearly fainted.
I was near exhausted by the run.
source: wordnet30
At a little distance, in place, time, manner, or degree; not remote; nigh.
dengan sedikit jarak, di tempat, waktu, cara, atau derajat; tidak jauh; dekat.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

being on the left side
berada di sisi kiri
The near or nigh horse is the one on the left.
The animal's left side is its near or nigh side.
source: wordnet30
closely resembling the genuine article
dekat menyerupai artikel yang tulus
Near beer.
A dress of near satin.
source: wordnet30
giving or spending with reluctance
memberi atau menghabiskan dengan ketidaksukaan
Very close (or near) with his money.
source: wordnet30
with or in a close or intimate relationship
dengan atau di dekat atau hubungan intim
My sisters and brothers are near and dear.
dear, good
source: wordnet30
very close in resemblance
sangat dekat dalam persamaan
A near likeness.
source: wordnet30

verb (v)

move towards
alih ke
They are drawing near.
The enemy army came nearer and nearer.
source: wordnet30
To approach; to come nearer; as, the ship neared the land.
untuk mendekati; datang lebih dekat; sebagai, mendekati kapal aku/ aku tanah.
source: webster1913
To draw near; to approach.
untuk mendekat; untuk mendekati.
source: webster1913

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