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bangor, nakal, yang nakal,

Other Mathes:
are very naughty, been very naughty, get pretty crunk, hell breaks loose, in a bad shape, is slutty, salty dog, so naughty, stlfllng laughter very very naughty, time naughty, very bad boy, very bad dragon, very bad, very cheeky, very naughty, very very naughty
be so grumpy and, be so grumpy, filthy male filthy male, naughty naughty moans, naughty naughty, sugar naughty naughty
a naughty one, a naughty, are a naughty, are stubborn, bad bad bad, been a very bad, naughty, pretty bad boy, that is sloppy, the dirty dirty, the naughty, who a bad, wicious
a naughty list, naughty list, off the naughty list, the naughty list
aldan, that was very naughty, whoo you naughty
come here you are naughty, you are mischievous, you are naughty, you brat, you cheeky, you naughty, you wanton the, you wanton
are so cheeky, are so naughty, is so naughty
naughty list, on naughty list, the naughty list
naughty you, you naughty girl, your brat, your naughty
gonna play it naughty, mischievous lord, naughty little thing, so bad, super bitchy, that is naughty
man naughty naughty, naughty of
are naughty, is bad, so naughty, very mischievous, was very naughty
on naughty list, on the naughty list
for being bad, i am naughty baby, i misbehave
been a bad boy, brat, brats, cursed brat, little brat, naughty boy, naughty children, scallywag, that brat, that little brat, the bad boy

English to English

('n/O/t/i/ )
adjective (a)

Having little or nothing.
memiliki sedikit atau tidak ada.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

suggestive of sexual impropriety
memberi saran dari ketidakpantasan seksual
A naughty wink.
Naughty words.
source: wordnet30
badly behaved
berperilaku buruk
A naughty boy.
source: wordnet30

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