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lebih alami, mati wajar, pastinya begitu, secara alami, secara natural, secara semulajadi, tentu saja, tentu,

Other Mathes:
and naturally, are naturally, it naturally, naturaily, naturally, well naturally
might naturally, natural will, naturally going to, naturally gonna, will naturally be
be naturally, france will naturally, it naturally, naturally in life
come naturally, it comes naturally, it just comes naturally
naturally in your subject mind, naturally in your subject, naturally in your suhjecfs
i am naturally, i naturally
naturally be, will naturally
naturally release so it is, naturally release so it
develops naturaily, develops naturally, grow naturally
come naturally to me, it comes naturally to me
come naturally to, it comes naturally to
with carbon fibbers, with naturally occuring carbon fiber, with naturally occurring carbon fiber
from the board of, has the board of, service agents, service examination, service informed, service naturally not, service naturally, service
it is naturally white, it s naturally white
so naturally they had to, so naturally they had

English to English

('n/&/t/S//@/r/@/l/i/ )
adverb (r)

as might be expected
mungkin seperti yang diharapkan
Naturally, the lawyer sent us a huge bill.
course, of course
source: wordnet30
according to nature; by natural means; without artificial help
menurut alam; dengan cara alami; tanpa bantuan buatan
Naturally grown flowers.
source: wordnet30
through inherent nature
melalui berpautan alam
He was naturally lazy.
source: wordnet30
in a natural or normal manner
secara wajar atau secara normal
Speak naturally and easily.
source: wordnet30
In a natural manner or way; according to the usual course of things; spontaneously.
dalam satu cara atau cara alami; menurut akibat dari hal yang biasa; secara spontan.
source: webster1913

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