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belakang, membom, tengkuk,

Other Mathes:
manes, nape of neck, nape
are bombing, are going to nape, are gonna nape
and nape on the, at the nape of
nape the whole area, to nape the whole area
bombing the, bombing, dropping bombs, hit that ground, just bombed, nape, petrol bombed, to nape
they are going to nape, they are gonna nape
the back of the neck, the nape of the neck
flip sides, the back of, the back, the backs of, the nape of, the rear epps, the rear of
the nape of the neck
a unit to the rear, the back of, the backend for, the backside, the flank, the nape of
the nape area try
the nape area
from the nape of
at the back of, at the nape of, at the rear of
at the nape of, in the tail, on the back of, on the back

English to English

(n/eI/p )
noun (n)

the back side of the neck
sisi belakang leher
nucha, scruff
source: wordnet30
The back part of the neck.
bahagian belakang leher.
source: webster1913

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