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berhasil, berjaya, bisa, dikelola, diuruskan, sudah atur itu, yang diuruskan,

Other Mathes:
he achieved it, he got good, he has done it, he iced it, he is doing good, he is managed to, he is success, he is successful, he made it, he managed to make it, he managed to
i did it, i made it, i make it, i managed it, i managed to, i managed
fist pump you did it, you did it, you every success in, you have managed to get, you made it, you managed to, you managed
how can you succeed, how have you managed to, how you manage to
have managed to stay, made somehow, managed to hang on, managed to survive
has managed to pass, make it past, managed to graduate, managed to pass, worked his way through college
alone managed to escape, crawled out through the back, got away, manage to escape, managed to escape, managed to get out, succeeded in escaping
finally driven, had a hover, had managed to keep, managed to bring, managed to make
got his, got it to work, managed to make it, managed to take this from, managed to take this
could apprehend, finally caught, had managed to capture, makes the catch, manage to catch
had obtained, have managed to work out, make it find
avoided, have managed to dodge, managed to avoid
able to protect, have managed to keep, it is managed to keep
is only successful, just made it, just managed to, only managed to, only managed
he is managed to, he is succeeded, he is succeeding, he managed to, he manages to, he succeed, he succeeds, he was successful, hey it worked, i mean it worked out, it works, she managed to, then she done

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