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keras memberikan, menjadikan,

Other Mathes:
cause the day, day allowing, day he appointed, has made the day, he made the day, he maketh day to, he maketh day, made day, made the day, make the day, maketh day
he causes the, he causes, he makes the, he makes, he maketh the, he maketh
allah expoundeth, allah make clear, allah makes clear the, allah makes clear, allah makes plain, allah maketh clear, allah maketh plain, allah present, allah set forth, allah sets, god explain
and had to stick a, and insert, and it puts, and makes the, and makes, and maketh the, and maketh, and putting m, and shoved, and stuffed, and tucked
and has made the day, and he maketh day to, and he maketh day
this is how allah explains, thus allah make clear, thus allah makes clear the, thus allah makes clear, thus allah makes, thus allah maketh clear, thus allah maketh plain, thus allah sets, thus does allah explain, thus does allah make clear, thus does allah present
he made me, he maketh me to, he maketh me
he who maketh mention of, he who maketh mention, the one who makes mention
he makes peace, he maketh up, he maketh
causes the, makes the, maketh the, maketh
makes me to lie down, maketh me to iie down, maketh me to lie down
ill deed, jeer at, lash out, makes mention of, makes mention, maketh mention of, maketh mention, rebuke, revile, scolding, speaks ill of
he maketh me to, he maketh me
maketh me to, maketh me, may become a
the one who speaks ill, who maketh mention of, who maketh mention

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