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bagus buatlah, berkasih, digaji, itu kekihatan, jel, ku drpd, membuat jadi, membuat menjadi, membuat saya membuat, membuat, membuatkan, membuatnya mnjadi, menghempas, menjadikan, sudah menghasilkan, sudah yang, yang bikin, yang buatkan, yang jadikan,

Other Mathes:
allah makes plain, allah thus makes clear, as such allah makes clear, as such allah makes plain, god thus cites, god thus explains, in this wise allah expoundeth, is how allah explains, so allah makes plain, so god makes clear, that is how allah draws, that is how god sets, this is how allah explains, thus allah make clear, thus allah makes clear the, thus allah makes clear, thus allah makes, thus allah maketh clear, thus allah maketh plain, thus allah sets, thus does allah explain, thus does allah make clear, thus does allah present, thus does allah set forth, thus does god explain, thus does god expound, thus doth allah expound, thus doth allah make clear, thus god explains, thus god expounds, thus god makes clear, thus god sets forth
allah clearly explains, allah explains, allah expoundeth, allah make clear, allah make, allah makes clear, allah makes plain, allah makes the, allah makes, allah maketh clear, doth he explain
something lit a, stuff that makes, that thing makes
and it is what drove, is the stuff that makes, it is what keep
get pissed out of, get pissed out, getting me mad, i am really mad about, it is like being me, it makes me angry, it makes me very angry, just upset me, made me angry, made me mad, make me angry
make you think he, make you think she is, makes you so certain he, makes you think he is, makes you think he was
anyone that makes, cause the guy who made, everybody was making, guy making, guy that makes, guys are making, guys who make, in the people who make, machinist, men who make, ones who made, people are makin, people are making, people making the, people making, people that make, people who draw, people who have made, people who made, people who make, person made, person that is making, person who made, person who makes, the guy making, the guy that makes, the guy who made, the guy who makes, the guys who make, the hell gave, the man who made, the man who makes, the one that made, the one to bring, the one who brings, the one who made, the one who makes, the one who making, the one who talked, the one who taught, the people who make, the person making, the person who makes
allah makes plain, and allah clearly explains, and allah makes clear, and allah makes the, and allah makes, and expoundeth, and he expoundeth, and he makes clear, and he makes, god explains, he makes clear
he is making me, he keeps me, he made me see, he made me, he make me, he makes me, he makes my, he screwed me, he would make me, her makes me, him keeps me
all right this makes sense, it does make sense, it is all making sense, it is common sense, it is only logical, it make any sense, it make sense, it makes sense, it only makes sense, it stands to reason, makes enough sense, so it just makes sense, that stuff make any sense, this make any sense, this make sense, this makes sense, this makes total sense, this making any sense, this nonsensical, this to make sense
it is made me feel, it is making me feel, it just makes me feel, it made me feel like, it made me feel
it made me want to, it makes me just wanna, made me want to
a reasonable, a sensible, anything logical, better start making sense, it makes any sense, makes any sense, most reasonable, of reasonable, of this makes any sense
has taken us, is get us, is keeping us, is making us, is what drove us, it that makes us, it was to make ours, ones that kept us, practicallu makes us, practically makes us, takes for us
allah explain, allah explains, allah expound, allah expoundeth, allah make clear, allah makes clear the, allah makes clear, allah makes plain, allah maketh clear, allah maketh plain, allah present

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