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Hasil Carian: mais

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mai, tidak,

Other Mathes:
mais oui mais oui, you can take that one
will give you mai, will give you mais
give you mai cut, give you mais cut, send a doctor
can take that one, oui mais oui
in the afternoons, in the eve, in the evenings, in the late afternoon, later in the day, mais tarde
ele nunca mais caminhar
you mai cut, you mais cut
give you mai, give you mais
question but who, une question mais qui est
either that, go with that one, it is either that, mais oui, pick that one, pick that up, picked it
mai cut, mais cut
i will give you mai, i will give you mais
nunca mais caminhar, takes to road no more
drop you rweapons, drop your weapons, let down your weapons, lower your weapons, mais baissez vos fusils, okhvadwa your weapons, put down your guns, vlrglnia put your guns down

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