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dikekalkan, diperbarui, dipertahankan,

Other Mathes:
are maintained saturation is, are maintained saturation, maintained saturation is, maintained saturation
are maintained, be maintained, be preserved, is retained, maintained with, maintained, retained
are defended by, be defended, be maintained, be preserved, defensible
and saturation maintained with, and saturation maintained
the vatican maintained the, the vatican maintained
are maintained saturation is sacrificed, maintained saturation is sacrificed
administered by, is maintained by, is managed by
lightness are maintained saturation is, lightness are maintained saturation
saturation maintained with, saturation maintained
conserve it, have maintained it, keep him please
defended her, get behind her, hold on to that connection, holding on to each other, maintain it, maintained it we, maintained it, make it stick, preserve it, take it to the ground, to defend ourselves
oil maintained continual, the oil maintained continual
oil maintained, the oil maintained
hue and saturation maintained with, hue and saturation maintained
are to be detained, will be maintained

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

kept in good condition
tetap dalam kondisi baik
kept up, well-kept
source: wordnet30
continued in your keeping or use or memory
terus dalam perlindunganmu atau guna atau kenangan
source: wordnet30

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