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Hasil Carian: mailing

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hantar terima mel, mail, mel, menyurati,

Other Mathes:
a mailing list, event request, mailing list actions, mailing list, mailing lists, the mailing list of
mailing address, the mailing address
to the mailing list this, to the mailing list
e mailing me he is, e mailing me he
e mail you, e mail, e mailing earlier, e mailing, send e mails
e mailing you the, e mailing you, send you an email
for mailing list, on mailing list
associated mailing, standard mailing
associated mailing list, standard mailing list
correspondence, mailing, mailroom
will be e mailing you
i am e mailing
i am e mailing, i am sending in, i am sending out, i delivery, i send, i sent out, i sent, i ship, i turneditover
i talked her into mailing
mailing address, the delivery address, the drop off address

English to English

noun (n)

mail sent by a sender at one time
mel dihantar oleh seorang penghantar pada satu waktu
The candidate sent out three large mailings.
source: wordnet30
the transmission of a letter
transmisi dari surat
The postmark indicates the time of mailing.
source: wordnet30
A farm.
source: webster1913

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