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Hasil Carian: mailed

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dikirimkan, hantar, mail, mengirim surat untukku, mengirim,

Other Mathes:
he e mailed, mary well he e mailed
he e mailed, he is e mailing, weil he e mailed
be mailed, deliver in, delivered over, get shipped out, is transmitted, like them to send, man sent, sent over, shipped his, shipped out, transmitted his, was mailed, was shipped, was to be stashed
bbecause i e mailed, chuckles because i e mailed
e mail, e mailed him, e mailed
basically e mails, by email she, e mailed, email your, emailed her
dispatch her, it delivered, mail it, mailed it, mailed them, send it, sending it
been delivered, been sent, had mailed, has been sent, have mailed out
are gonna be mailed right
about to be transmitted, about to ship out, are going to be delivered, are gonna be mailed, are shipping out, get released, going to be delivered
i e mailed him and
i e mailed him
e mail me, i e mailed, me your e mail
i mailed you my diary
i am getting you, i mailed you, i send you

English to English

(m/eI/ld )
adjective (a)

Protected by an external coat, or covering, of scales or plates.
dilindungi oleh eksternal mantel, atau meliputi, dari timbangan atau plat.
source: webster1913
Spotted; speckled.
dikesan; rintik.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

wearing protective mail
memakai pelindung mel
source: wordnet30

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